Membership Guidelines:

Membership fees are paid on a monthly bases and payment will be due prior to the first of the month.  Adult sessions will be unlimited.  Rates and incentives are below:

Membership Rates:

Individual:                   $140/mo

Couples:                      $255/mo

Military:                       $115/mo

Fire/EMS/Police:        $115/mo

Punch Card:               $130 for 10 sessions

Drops Ins – $15 per class or buy a T-Shirt for $20 (CrossFitters only please)


WOD Tracking

Maintain your progress by logging all workout results into a database that will be accessible by you and your coaches.


To thank you for your referrals, you will receive 1250 points (Perkville) for each person you refer that pays for a month membership.

Loyalty Rewards

We use Perkville reward system and you earn points each time you come to workout.  Points earned can be used toward membership and products.

Rate Lock-In

Your membership rate will be locked in providing you do not lapse more than 30 days in a 12-month period.